RIELT Maritime, Inc., covers a wide range of activities in the shipping industry and provides ship owners with comprehensive and highly regarded professional services in ship management which includes:.
  • Technical Management

  • Crew Management

  • Feasibility Reports for ship operation

  • Inspection of vessels

Main services under technical management are as follows:
  • Provision of competent master, officers and ratings, certified as required under provisions of STCW 95 for type of vessel. Arranged their joining and repatriation as well as all related functions including union relations, medical examinations, etc.

  • Provision for necessary shipboard management system (ISM) together with supporting manuals and follow up in accordance with reporting procedures that are part of the company’s quality system.

  • Supply of consumable and stores required for day-to-day operations of vessels.

  • Supply of Radio and Nautical Publications as required.

  • Supply of running spare and major spares after considering requirements.

  • Provision for supply of lubricating oil for ships machinery.

  • Maintenance of the vessel to the agreed standard including repairs and dry-docking and fulfilling the requirements of the oil majors in case of tankers.

  • Keeping all the records as per ISM system and ensuring that vessels are well documented with all statutory and trading certificates, manuals, etc., as required for the agreed trade.

  • Provision for insurance for the vessel as agreed, viz. H&M. War and P&I insurance.

  • Provision for preparing running budget and full running cost accounting of vessels including profit and loss account.

  • Provision of agreed technical and condition report.

  • Allocation of Technical/ Marine Superintendent to the vessel who will be responsible to the technical, economical and safe operation of the vessel with necessary back-up. He shall visit the vessel at least once in two months interval or as required.

  • Ensure that vessels are fully classified and certificated.


RIELT Maritime, Inc. recognizes the importance of human resources in maintaining quality operations onboard of the vessels it manages. Its distinction compared with others is not just a mere crewing agency but also operates as a “Total Crew Management” company.

Complete Crew Management: RMI crew management package is designed to relieve the owner from any work load connected with manning of vessels thus performing the following services:
  • Crew recruitment and procedures for joining ship and repatriating crew.
  • Payment of wages and leave with overtime service, bonuses, etc., of officers and crew.
  • Medical examination and fitness certificates.
  • Implementation and follow up of Drug and Alcohol Policy.
  • Proper qualification and certification of the crew.
  • Training
  • Visits of vessels done by RMIs Superintendent to supervise the crewing arrangement.
RMI Owners will benefit from rotation planning where a pool of officers and ratings will be created for their ship specifically or in conjunction with a group of other similar vessels. This means that owners will mostly get the same group of officers and ratings returning to their ship. At a very short notice, RMI is in the position to assign qualified, competent and well experienced crew and officers for particular types of vessels.

The highest quality of crew training: One of the key pillars of the RMI quality system is its crew training. RMI offers the ship owner only the most competent officers and qualified crew available.

Intensive training for all seafarers: RMI conducts intensive training programs for all its seafarers thus putting special emphasis on fulfilling the requirements of all new regulations MLC 2006 including:
  • STCW 95




  • Audits

  • Client-related training requirements
Only by training the crew in every way and in every situation can RMI give ship owners peace of mind in regards to safety, environmental protection, maintenance and prevention of accidents, incidents and loses.
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